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Why I Am Running
for Superior Court Judge

As a lifelong Santa Clara County resident, I’ve witnessed the challenges and opportunities of our vibrant community. Early on, I realized an appreciation for the County and a desire to serve my community. Accordingly, as a Deputy District Attorney for 26 years and legal criminal instructor for 24, I have been honored to contribute to the County’s safety and wellbeing. 

As a result of my years in both the courtroom and classroom, I am well prepared and well informed to be a Superior Court judge and propelled by a profound commitment to uphold the rule of law, I will ensure justice for all. 

A good judge must know and understand the law. I have spared no effort in expanding my legal acumen, believing that a well-informed judicial system is essential for the fair administration of justice. I have spent decades representing the Office of the District Attorney in court, as well as educating legal professionals, law enforcement officers and other stakeholders, to foster a system where the rule of law prevails, leading to fair and equitable outcomes.

Our court system is still reeling from a backlog of cases resulting from the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Victims have been waiting for justice to be served. As a Judge with the experience to hit the ground running, I will give my unwavering commitment to ensuring that the pursuit of efficiency does not compromise the rights of victims or the integrity of the justice system.

I recognize the significance of compassion, empathy, and respect in the pursuit of justice, and pledge to uphold these principles, while still seeking truth and accountability. I firmly believe that a judiciary guided by these values will contribute to a society where justice is served.

If elected, I will be a dedicated advocate who will uphold justice and ensure equitable and just results. 

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