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Johnene Stebbins

For Superior Court Judge
The Right Experience, The Right Choice
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As a Deputy District Attorney for 26 years, criminal law instructor, life-long Santa Clara County resident, Berkeley graduate, wife, and mother of three, my journey has been purposefully predicated on the scales of justice. My name is Johnene Linda Stebbins, and I am running for Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge. This is my story.


Santa Clara County is a region recognized nationwide for its diversity and innovation. While prosecuting thousands of criminal cases from domestic violence, elder abuse, rape, fraud, and arson, I determined that the County needs judges who understand the face of the community it serves, a judiciary that is trusted and respected, with equitable representation. I wish to serve as a judge bringing my knowledge and experience to the bench as a meaningful choice and a strong alternative. There needs to be no doubt that the laws apply fairly to all, and in my courtroom, everyone will feel respected and heard.



26 Years as a
Deputy District Attorney

As a Deputy District Attorney, I prosecuted thousands of criminal cases including child molestation, rape, murder and attempted murder, domestic violence, physical abuse of the elderly, robbery, narcotics sales and manufacturing, arson, fraud, and juvenile crime.  My accomplishments include:

Community Engagement
Outside the courtroom, I educate law enforcement, attorneys, and the community in an effort to foster a stronger, more informed justice system.

“Johnene possesses a deep understanding of the legal system and an unwavering commitment to justice. She will be an outstanding, intelligent and fair judge."

Judge David Cena


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